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working on holiday you're not alone 62 of idian employees do so

A recent study by Snow Software has revealed that employees in Asia Pacific (APAC) find it most difficult to disconnect from their jobs while on holiday, compared to those from the US and UK.

In fact, amongst the 3,000 employees surveyed globally, more than one-third of those in APAC (37%) said they always took their work devices on vacation.

More specifically, the percentage of employees per country who did so was as follows:

  • India: 62% (Highest globally)
  • Hong Kong: 60%
  • China: 36%
  • New Zealand: 33%
  • Japan: 30%

On the other hand, just 28% of Australian workers always brought their work devices on holiday.

Globally, a little more than one-third (36%) of American workers had the same habit, while 26% said they would never bring their work devices on vacation.

At the same time, Europe had the smallest number of respondents who brought their work devices on holiday, at just 29%. That said, about one-third (35%) did report bringing their devices along “most of the time”.

Younger employees more likely to bring their devices on holiday

The generation with the highest number who always took their work devices on vacation was the Millennials (37%), compared to only 24% of Baby boomers.

On the contrary, 33% of Baby Boomers said they’d never take their devices with them, a contrast to just 18% of Millennials.


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