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    Tailored made work visa application assistance

FastLane HR understands that for a business to succeed, a company should recruit the best individuals for each role. Often times, the best individuals can only be recruited from abroad. With our experienced team of professionals, FastLane HR can assist companies in their Hong Kong work permit and Hong Kong work visa application to ensure an efficient turnaround time for your employees.

Not only can FastLane HR help your business recruit the best and brightest, we will keep you well-informed on the development of the various compliance obligations pertaining to Hong Kong’s visa application process and can provide a comprehensive suite of end-to-end Hong Kong visa services for the following:

Investment Visa / Entrepreneur Visa Employment Visa Dependent Visa
Training Visa Visa Extension Change of Visa Sponsorship
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Why Should You Get FastLane HR to assistant you in Hong Kong work visa application?

Despite Hong Kong’s liberal immigration policy towards tourism allows nationals of approximately 170 countries the ability to travel to Hong Kong with the need of a visa. However, visas are mandatory when finding employment in Hong Kong. This process can be awkward and tricky given the varying types of visa’s available to individuals, especially as a visa application rejection can negatively impact your success rate when re-applying.
FastLane HR is well experienced in directly dealing with the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Our team of qualified professionals are well-versed in Hong Kong’s various visa requirements.

Work Visa Application Procedure:

  1. Consultation on the visa application;
  2. Advise on the alternative visa options and the likelihood of an application’s success;
  3. Obtain the applicant’s signature on the letter of engagement;
  4. Prepare a tailor-made documentation checklist for the clients’ visa application;
  5. Complete immigration forms, drafts, and letters;
  6. Review the collected documentation to ensure they are correctly completed;
  7. Draft all letters to be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department;
  8. Conduct ongoing liaison with the Hong Kong Immigration Department
  9. Respond to the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s inquiries on the applicant’s behalf;
  10. Collect the visa label from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (if accepted)
  11. Deliver the visa to you

Processing Time:

• The Hong Kong visa application process takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks to complete from the date of submission  

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Other Services

HR Support

  • Creation of company-specific HR manuals
  • Continuous updates for compliance with Hong Kong statutory employment requirements
  • Full record keeping of leave and illness

Payroll Processing, MPF Contribution Calculation

  • Payroll executive reporting
  • Use of autopay to pay every employee
  • Calculate all necessary employee and employer MPF contributions