Increasingly in the past few years, businesses in all industries and of all sizes are undergoing digital transformation. As competition rises, it’s only natural for businesses to look for ways they can make operations and processes more efficient in order to save both time and money. Cloud computing isn’t necessarily a new idea, and has been around for quite some years now. But while many companies transformed parts of their business into the cloud – think of email and communication systems as one example – some systems remained unchanged.

Human resources is a vital and necessary component of any successful business or organisation. In many ways, it’s the backbone of how companies work – which is probably why so many managers are reluctant to modify HR systems and processes. But old and outdated HR systems require lots of expertise, time, and money to run properly. Not to mention, they’re prone to human error and compliance issues. Cloud-based HRIS software poses an alternative solution to this, and are helping businesses of all types bring their operations up to modern day, competitive standards.

What is cloud-based HR software?

Cloud-based HR software is a type of solution offered to businesses by cloud vendors. It helps them pivot all their HR systems and processes from traditional networks to a cloud-based system hosted off premises by this vendor. In a nutshell, cloud-based HR software enables businesses to stay completely up to date with the most advanced software, have a much more hands-off, scalable approach to HR systems.

FastLaneHR offers a range of cloud-based HR services that help businesses optimise their processes. Whether you need payroll or other HR services, we can help. For now, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of adopting this kind of system in your business.

What are some of the benefits or advantages of a cloud-based HRIS system?

#1: Save money & time

One of the most attractive parts of a cloud-based HR management software is that it helps businesses save both time and money. With less paperwork to do, fewer mundane administrative tasks on the shoulders of your HR team, and no maintenance issues to deal with, you’ll free up a considerable amount of time for your team to focus on something more enjoyable and that directly contributes to the growth and success of your business. On top of this, you’ll be able to access the newest software innovations at a price point simply inaccessible for in-house HR systems – especially for smaller businesses.

#2: They’re a more secure option

Cloud-based HRIS software is a more modern and, therefore, secure approach to your human resources. It’s far easier to give people access rights appropriate to their role, and the vendor will help ensure that all data is kept highly secure. Not to mention, any security updates will be automatically applied by the vendor.

#3: Highly flexible & scalable

Another huge benefit of using cloud-based HR software is the fact that they are so flexible and scalable. In an in-house model, scaling up is both expensive and time-consuming. When working with a cloud vendor, you simply have to speak to your contact point and they can help you scale up – or down – as per necessary, and almost immediately.

#4: Zero human errors

Working with older, more traditional HR systems may help you maintain a sense of control, but it is far more prone to human errors and difficulties faced when your team is trying to juggle so many different elements. By outsourcing it and using cloud-based HR software, you can be sure that compliance and other small details are how they should be, all without a thought on your end.

#5: Streamlined & centralised processes

With everything being based on the cloud, your processes also become much more simple. Businesses with offices or partnerships around the world in different countries will find this especially useful, as everything is still facilitated through one, centralised system.

#6: It benefits employees, too!

Having a good HR system will also be highly beneficial for your employees. Everything from ensuring salaries are paid on time to having employee details easily accessed from wherever they are will be a huge benefit and selling point for your business.

Should your business transition to a cloud-based HRIS system as well?

For many businesses, this is a smart move to make, especially in today’s current climate. Staying competitive has always been about more than your product or service. It’s also about making sure your company functions internally as smoothly and streamlined as possible to ensure that your employees can contribute in the most meaningful and effective ways.

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