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the top three hiring challenges you may face

Hiring top talent is no walk in the park.

According to Robert Half’s new survey of more than 2,800 senior managers based in the United States, companies face a number of challenges throughout the hiring process.

The top three being generating interest from qualified candidates (35%), asking the right interview questions (20%), and developing compensation packages and negotiating salaries (19%).

Hiring Process Hurdles


The most common reason prospective hires decide not to join their company is compensation, according to three in 10 senior managers. An equal number also reported that applicants declined to accept another position or counteroffer.

offer rejections


The research also found the biggest stumbling blocks for senior managers when writing job descriptions were separating essential from preferred qualifications (29%) and identifying the necessary interpersonal and soft skills (24%).

Job Description Dilemmas


Then there’s the problem of failed hires which, 30% of senior managers attributed to mismatched skill sets, apart from poor performance.

Additionally, unclear performance expectations (26%) and personality conflicts (23%) together accounted for nearly half of hiring mistakes.

Bad hires


Among the 28 U.S. cities in the survey, Indianapolis, Nashville, Cleveland, Sacramento and Minneapolis have the most employers who said capturing candidates’ interest is their top hiring obstacle.


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