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In Singapore, Randstad’s latest Q1 Workmonitor report has revealed 72% of over 400 employees surveyed feel comfortable giving feedback to and receiving feedback from their managers.
In fact, close to three in four (73%) currently work in an open environment where feedback can be shared at any time, while 80% are able to have an open conversation with their managers during their performance review.
In addition to Singapore, the percentage of respondents in the region who work in a company with real-time feedback is as follows:
The state of performance reviews: open conversations, real-time feedback, and more
Despite this, a vast majority (88%) of respondents in Singapore still feel their performance review is used as a platform for managers to give feedback, while 15% have not had the opportunity to share about their career aspirations or concerns.
Overall, in terms of feedback channels, here’s the typical usage:
  • 55% of employees are able to do so face-to-face;
  • 16% via an online survey;
  • 12% in writing on paper;
  • 2% do so via other channels and;
  • 15% are not asked for feedback at all.

Mixed emotions 

When asked about how they feel towards sharing and receiving real-time feedback as well as sitting through performance reviews, most respondents demonstrated positive experiences.
For example, 60% are positive as it gives them a clear understanding of what they need to achieve and how to do it. Close to half (49%) feel it encourages open communication, while 45% feel it helps them learn and develop.
On the other hand, for those who prefer not to have such practices, 32% revealed they feel vulnerable in such situations. Further, 26% feel uncomfortable and 29% are unsure of how to react in such situations.
A similar response can be seen in Malaysia, where among the over 400 respondents covered, a majority (69%) of employees believe feedback gives them a clear understanding on how to achieve their goals, while 49% believe it supports learning and 52% feel it increases their motivation.
On the contrary, 34% don’t know how to react in such situations, 33% feel uncomfortable and 29% feel it can be hard not to take any negative feedback personally.

Regular yearly performance reviews

Annual performance reviews are the most popular frequency of such conversations in both Singapore (47%) and Malaysia (34%).
Lesser popular in Singapore is the half-yearly review at 19% (compared to 17% in Malaysia), while for quarterly reviews, it is used by 15% of respondents in both countries surveyed.
The percentages of respondents citing monthly, weekly, or zero performance reviews is relatively lower, except in the case of Malaysia where 22% are using monthly reviews.
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