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What’s practical and what’s not, in an age where artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud have become part of daily life? Maslow Trainers & Consultants elaborates.

Nowadays, terms such as internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and cloud have become part of the day-to-day vocabulary at the workplace. These words all belong to the Industry 4.0.

Over the past two decades we have witnessed the speed of evolution from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0. Just 20 years ago, the concepts of working remotely, being connected while on a holiday, and virtual offices were inconceivable. In 2018, IoT connects billions of devices around the world.

With this rapid evolution and progress of technology, how are people coping? The human mind and body work with a speed limit, while technology such as AI, which is also defined as an amplification of the human technology, is bound to break through limitations. Many questions have been raised on the impact of fast technology and how we can catch up with new smart devices and work together with intelligent machines. Would we experience an information overload and just burn out?

In ensuring companies are not left behind in the race between people and technology, Maslow Trainers & Consultants (Maslow) is looking at the impact of Industry 4.0 in Malaysia from a HR perspective. Whilst focusing on people development, the company adopts a holistic approach to human capital and operational excellence that enables organisations to be on the winning path in this modern environment.

One of the platforms for this is Maslow’s Human Capital Best Practices (HCBP) Conference. The HCBP Conference is a signature annual event which delivers cutting edge information on trending human capital issues while providing delegates with valuable networking opportunities. Speakers, consisting of movers and shakers in the human capital field, are hand-picked so that real-life case studies are presented at the event.

The one-day exclusive event features HR leaders who are going to showcase examples of how people and technology can work together.

This year, the HCBP Conference is taking place on 10 October 2018, with the theme “The Race Between People and Technology: What’s Doable Right Now?” The one-day exclusive event features HR leaders who are going to showcase examples of how people and technology can work together and what we can do now to be successful in this transforming business world.

Among the topics which will be discussed are: Malaysian companies coping with Industry 4.0; the tools needed to equip HR leaders to be ahead of the race on IoT; and how we can make use of big data for the betterment of our organisations.

Maslow, founded in 1998, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year. Its founder Datuk Dr. Siraj Khan started with the vision of integrating people and business needs into a single platform.

Every individual needs to be continuously upskilled, as well as every business has its own challenges and is always looking for improvement. By combining people and business needs, the company’s employee engagement is increased, which consequently leads to greater results. Maslow, an international organisation which covers the wide spectrum of business advisory, HR & operation consultancy, and corporate training, has a portfolio of more than 100 active clients globally from multiple industries.

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