Calculate Payroll (Single batch)

Process Payroll Payments

Prepare the monthly MPF contribution statement (For client approval or direct submission through electronic platform)


Arrange payment of MPF contributions (If direct debit is not arranged)


Submitting the MPF contribution statement to client or MPF service provider


Employee MPF enrolment / termination

Process the Employer's Returns (Form BIR56A and IR56B based on information maintained on our payroll database and Form IR56M if applicable)


Process Form IR56E for new joiners

Processing Form IRF56F (cessation) or Form IR56G (departure) for leavers


Telephone Support (General payroll processing)

Consultation on technology solution on payroll and HR Management


Prepare employment documents such as employment contract and termination letter


Handle Expense Reimbursement

Set Up Cloud-based Payroll Management Platform (Talenox or Gpayroll)

Set Up Cloud-based Expense Management Platform (Receipt Bank or Expensify)


Calculate Payroll (Multiple batch)


1 hr


2 hrs

1 hr