Staff Secondment – PEO and EOR

staff secondment coping with dynamic manpower needs

Coping with Your Dynamic Manpower Requirements with Staff Secondment PEO and EOR Services

No matter you are growing your business in terms of size or geography, FastLane HR offers you staff secondment PEO and EOR services which provide you a great flexibility to expand or optimize your workforce to meet the dynamic needs of your organisation despite constraints in your in-house HR resources. 


Swift and Professional On-boarding Services with Staff Secondment PEO & EOR Services

While saving time and money, FastLane HR staff secondment PEO and EOR services can secure a speedy on-boarding of needed local or global talents with peace of mind that all mandatory recruitment administration and compliance works are all taken care of by the professional.  Come and talk to us!

Get People On Board … Quickly!

PEO adding people to expand your business

Adding people to expand your business ?

PEO no HR staff to handling hiring

Having no HR staff to handle the hiring and administration ?

PEO setting up company troublesome

Feeling setting up a legal entity troublesome ?

Asset 27

Unable to secure affordable medical insurance ?

PEO unsure about employment regulations

Unsure about compliance with business and employment regulations ?

Let Our PEO and EOR Secondment Services Help You!

PEO global secondment

Global Secondment

PEO save hassles

Save Hassles

PEO strength your workforce beyond Hong Kong

Strengthen Your Workforce … Beyond Hong Kong

  • Build you global workforce – faster and easier
  • Leverage our service network which covers 150 countries

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