recruitment trends in 2024

As we approach 2024, recruiting talent is still a hard nut to crack for many employers. Therefore, it is becoming paramount for businesses to adopt a proactive stance in anticipating and assimilating the forthcoming recruitment trends. This article will delve into the three possible futuristic recruitment trends in 2024. Employers can boost their efficiency, speed, and effectiveness of recruitment by following the possible recruitment trends in 2024.

1. Growing applications of AI technology

Employers prioritize the speed and efficiency of recruitment more than ever before. 

Apparently, the rapid development of AI technologies has unlocked an effective pathway to accomplish the firms’ priorities in the past few years. Foreseeably, AI technologies being applied in recruitment processes will continue to grow and develop in 2024. 

There are currently some exemplifications that can portray a brief trend in recruitment in 2024. To begin with, the increasing use of recruitment software has enormously contributed to recruitment analytics; an increase in the exposure of job vacancies and candidates’ selections has immensely helped shorten the process of talent acquisition. Furthermore, virtual meeting platforms including Zoom and Google Meet, have provided more convenient ways to conduct interviews for shortlisted candidates. These cutting-edge technologies are pushing recruitment to become more efficient and less time-consuming.

2. Increasing priority of remote work by employees

The priority of remote work by employees has increased rapidly since 2020. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown of cities and the widespread COVID cases have compelled businesses to continue operating by allowing their employees to work from home or engage in hybrid work. This has provided an opportunity for millions of people to reconsider and reflect on their stressful way of working. To achieve work-life balance and flexibility, many employees are still expressing their support for remote work. As a result, despite the most difficult times in the past, a wide spectrum of employees are still adopting remote work nowadays. According to Buffer, 98% of employees stated that they craved at least some period of time working remotely. In addition, it was also found by WFHResearch that more than 11%, which means 1 out of 9 people, fully adopted remote work in spring 2023. 

These have shown that people are still prioritizing remote work, and the trend will keep increasing.

3. Sustainability

The global concern over environmental problems among younger generations, especially generation Z, is rising day by day. In this situation, many companies target sustainability nowadays. 

Sustainability credentials in businesses start becoming indispensable and essential. This includes credentials for ocean protection, adherence to combating climate change, and animal protection. From Time, about 70% of employees and potential employees stated that sustainability programs would increase a company’s attractiveness. It can be interpreted that firms that implement environmentally friendly business plans will possibly attract more potential job applicants. 

Conducting sustainability projects can foreseeably help build potential employees’ loyalty, thus escalating the efficiency and success of recruitment.

Conclusion of recruitment trends in 2024

To sum up, the future of recruitment demands adaptation to the three pivotal trends of 2024. By leveraging these possible trends, companies can attract and retain top talent. Embracing these shifts can help businesses optimize efficiency, meet evolving candidate expectations, and seize the potential of a thriving workforce in 2024 and beyond.

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