Immigration and Work Visa / Work Permit – Taiwan

Visitor Visa

Foreign professionals intending to travel to Taiwan and stay for no more than 6 months as a tourist or to attend conferences, visit relatives, conduct business or take up short-time study or employment etc must apply for a Visitor Visa.


Eligibility for Application for a Taiwan Work Permit


Visitor Visa for Seeking employment

  • Proof of academic qualifications
  • Income proof
  • Certificate of no-criminal-record
  • Proof of health insurance during the stay in Taiwan
  • Those having graduated for less than one year should be from a world’s top university as listed by the Ministry of Education.  Experienced professionals should have earned an average monthly remuneration of not less than NT$47,971 during the past 6 months.
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Visitor Visa for Employment

  • Approval letter issued by Ministry of Labour for a Work Permit application submitted by the employer

Visitor Visa for Business

  • Proof of business activities (e.g. job assignment letter, invitation letter)
  • Letter of Guarantee, letter proving previous communication with guarantor and itinerary and proof of business exchange (e.g. invoice, shipping order)
  • Business registration in Taiwan

Taiwan Work Permit

Employers intending to hire a foreign professional to work in Taiwan must apply for a Work Permit.  Currently, 7 categories of professionals are eligible to apply :

  • Professional in specialized or technical works
  • Director or Manager of an approved business invested or established by overseas Chinese or foreigners
  • School teachers
  • Full-time foreign teacher in cram school
  • Sports coach or athlete
  • Arts and Entertainers
  • Contracted foreigner

Application should be made online using the dedicated form for the category concerned.

Taiwan Work Permit

Resident Visa

Foreign nationals intending to enter Taiwan and stay for more than 6 months for work shall apply for a Resident Visa.  Those having previously entered Taiwan with a Visitor Visa and subsequently been legally employed may apply to change from their Visitor Visa directly to a Resident Visa 8 working days before expiry.

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Eligibility for Application for a Taiwan Work Permit

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White Collar Workers

  • The employer must apply for a Work Permit for the applicant
  • Remaining period of employment as indicated on the Work Permit must be more than 6 months
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  • Applicant in Hong Kong should submit an application to the Bureau of Hong Kong Affairs
  • The applicant must meet the requirements set forth in the Examination Directions of Entrepreneur Visa Qualification for Foreign Nationals.
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  • Applicant in Hong Kong should submit an application to the Bureau of Hong Kong Affairs
  • The applicant must meet the requirements set forth in the Regulations on the Operation of Foreign Investors or Representatives of Foreign Corporations Applying for Resident Visa, with a minimum investment amount of US$200,000.

Alien Resident Certificate

Resident Visa holders are required to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate within 15 days from the next day of their arrival in order to stay in Taiwan.  

Applicants with a Work Permit should provide a letter of approval issued by the Ministry of Labour for the employment with a validity of at least 6 months.  Applicants for investment should provide a letter of approval issued within 3 months by the appropriate authority indicating the directors, supervisors and registration of the company and an investment amount of at least US$200,000.

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Date: July 2022

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