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Hiring People To Work In Hong Kong

As an international business hub, Hong Kong has a liberal work visa policy.  Nationals of around 170 countries and territories can come visa-free, but ONLY FOR non-employment purposes.  Indeed, work visa application for non-local employees can be complicated and time consuming.  Re-application following previous denial may be even more frustrating.

With our extensive experience in visa applications and following up of cases with the Hong Kong Immigration Department, we have successfully facilitated bringing in non-local talents for many businesses.

Looking for professional advice on Hong Kong Work Visa?  

Requiring expert assessment on potential applications? 

Seeking help in preparing and submitting applications?

Type of Services Offered

Our Professional Services

  • Consultation on work visa applications
  • Advice on alternative visa options and assessment on merits of an application
  • Tailor-made document checklist for applications
  • Preparation and submission of relevant forms, letters and correspondence
  • Review on client’s documentation
  • On-going follow-up and liaison with the Hong Kong Immigration Department
  • Collection of visa label for successful applications
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Things to know for your successful application

Approximately 4 to 8 weeks from the date of submission

When any document or evidential proof deemed necessary by the Hong Kong Immigration Department is missing, a time window of only 2-3 weeks will be allowed for the submission of any supplementary information.  Applicants will have to re-apply if the deadline is missed.

 A lack of sufficient understanding of essential requirements under the prevailing regulations.

Yes, but the denial of a case for the first time may adversely affect the chance of a successful re-application.

Get help on expert advice and professional application management to get your application right the first time.

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