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HR Support

For your business to continue to grow, it is essential to have a robust and comprehensive HR structure in place. Your employees are your biggest asset, and by providing them with the services they need to do the job to the best of their ability, you will be adding value to your company each and every day.

Our comprehensive HR support includes:

Creation of
HR manuals
Continuous updates for
compliance with Hong Kong statutory
employment requirements
Full record keeping
of leave and illness
Sourcing of employee
medical insurance
Introductions with
MPF trustees for
your consideration

In addition to the above, we are also available to help with all aspects of the recruitment process. If your business is to succeed in an ever more competitive market, then attracting the highest calibre candidates is absolutely essential.
We have a series of longstanding relationships with a number of leading recruitment agencies, who have the expertise and networks needed to find your ideal new employee.

For any questions you may have regarding our HR services, please do not hesitate
to contact one of our experienced customer service specialists today.
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