HR is more influential for a firm than you think


When speaking to a firm’s impact, we frequently believe that front offices such as trading, sales, and advisory are more essential and indispensable. Conversely, people often neglect the role of HR in an organization. Human resources normally includes compensation and benefits, recruitment, and staff development. As a result, it is crucial for a firm’s fundamental development in terms of employees. This article will dive into the factors behind why HR is more influential for a firm than you think.

Talent recruitment

Despite AI’s rapid development and its commonplace applications in market analysis, people are still the key to success. Temporarily, positions that require strategic thinking and communication skills still require human talents to fill up. These so-called front office positions are always vital for directly generating profit and driving business outcomes. Under this situation, HR officers take on unneglectable roles in recruiting talents to accomplish business growth. There are some common examples that help explain the importance of HR. For instance, hiring talented client relationship managers helps build excellent client-staff relationships that may nurture sales and loyalty. To cite another instance, hiring talented creative employees helps the development of innovative and trendy strategies to attract Gen Z audiences. We believe that recruitment by HR is more imperative than you think.

Staff development

After selecting and hiring talents by the HR department, staff development is also essential for a company’s internal management. We believe that chaotic team management and unprofessional workers impose profound harm on the company’s image. In contrast, employees’ acquisition of professional skills and efficient team management sustain long-term business growth. Therefore, the HR team ought to take responsibility for this work by executing regular staff trainings and team activities. As a result, we can tell that HR is more crucial to a firm’s management than you think.


Elevating productivity is always one of the company’s goals in the short term. Undeniably, HR plays a significant part in it. Compensation and rewards are two of the key factors affecting employees’ willingness to work and their loyalty to a company. These include basic salaries, bonuses, commissions, vacations, and provisions for financial support. It is usually the HR team that decides how much the company should pay the employees, and what kind of extra services the company should provide. Under this situation, we can see that HR plays at least a subordinate role in elevating labour productivity within the company. As a result, it is unquestionable that HR is important for achieving companies’ goals and driving business outcomes.


We often ignore HR’s contribution to helping the company adhere to compliance, considering that it is the responsibility of legal departments. This idea is actually inaccurate. Firstly, the HR team should ensure the company is comprehensively compliant with laws and regulations. These include employment law, contract law, and the employees’ legality to work in Hong Kong. Otherwise, the company may face the risk of being sued or prosecuted for failing to do so. Besides, they should keep the business and employees’ data confidential by setting up and regularly reviewing related company policies. Furthermore, the HR team should enhance the morale of the employees to minimize legal risks or other unfavourable possibilities. Obviously, HR departments have linkages with legal departments on some occasions. Thus, we believe that HR is more influential for a firm than you think in terms of compliance.

How can FastLane HR offer help?

Although HR is more influential for a firm than you think, we believe that you have acquired a brief understanding of HR’s roles in recruitment, staff development, productivity elevation, and compliance. FastLane HR has acquired numerous years of experience in HR advisory since 2013. With our professional HR consulting services, we believe that handling HR work will be smoother than before. Please contact us via WhatsApp, WeChat, or phone calls if you have any inquiries. You can also schedule a meeting for further information. We look forward to having meetings with you.