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HR Services

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  HR administration is often a time-consuming and exhausting task for businesses of all sizes and industries. Entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to experience high quality HR administration will find it  difficult to obtain if they are trying to juggling this with their other work responsibilities. FastLane HR can serve as your trusted business partner for HR services. With our extensive experience, we understand how essential a robust and comprehensive HR structure is for facilitating the growth of a business and strive to serve our clients with a personal touch and a strict understanding of confidentiality.   

Our comprehensive HR Services includes:

Creation of company-specific HR manuals
When building and managing a team, Hong Kong employers must take into consideration the various regulations surrounding employment. FastLane can assist in the creation of company specific staff handbooks and employment contracts to give our clients a greater peace of mind.
Continuous updates for compliance with
Hong Kong statutory employment requirements
We recognize that staying up to date with Hong Kong’s continuously developing statutory employment requirements is a time consuming and tedious task. Our HR services include regular updates on all regulatory developments where we will also advise you on how best to navigate and adhere to your employer responsibilities.
Sourcing of employee medical insurance
Under Hong Kong’s Employees’ Compensation Ordinance (“ECO”), no employer shall employ any employee unless the company has an insurance policy in place to cover any potential injuries or liabilities incurred by their employees. Our HR administration services can advise on your responsibilities as an employer to help you meet the requirements set under the ECO. We can also provide recommendations on what insurance providers and policies to consider!
Introduction with MPF trustees for your consideration
MPF’s are compulsory retirement schemes / pension funds that are created by the Hong Kong government and are provided by approved private organisations. In accordance with Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance (“MPFSO”), Hong Kong employers are required to make monthly contributions to their employee’s MPF schemes – making this calculation a key component of payroll calculations. Our HR services is inclusive of a full range of MPF services with the aim of letting you concentrate on what you do best:
  • Authority to act as the authorized signatory
  • Compile a monthly executive summary
  • Provide a monthly MPF remittance statement for the MPF trustee
  • Enrollment, termination, and contribution arrangement for all every employee

Full record keeping of leave and illness
Hong Kong employers are required to maintain proper records of their employee’s wages, employment history and all relevant accounting and payroll records must be maintained for at least seven years. In addition, employers must report remuneration paid to employees on an annual basis. FastLane’s HR administration services can ensure that all your record keeping tasks are in order and ready to support your reporting obligations!

In addition to the above, we are also available to help with all aspects of the recruitment process. If your business is to succeed in an ever more competitive market, then attracting the highest calibre candidates is absolutely essential.We have a series of longstanding relationships with a number of leading recruitment agencies, who have the expertise and networks needed to find your ideal new employee.

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Other Services

Visa Application

Visa Application

  • Work Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Visas for dependents
Payroll Processing, MPF Contribution Calculation

Payroll Processing, MPF Contribution Calculation

  • Payroll executive reporting
  • Use of autopay to pay every employee
  • Calculate all necessary employee and employer MPF contributions