hongkongers share not say boss

Hongkongers share what not to say to the boss

Hongkongers share what not to say to the boss

In today’s culturally diverse office, employees need to pay extra attention to what they say. It is easy to put your foot in your mouth when you are working alongside a variety of hard-working people in a stressful environment.

With that being said, employees also need to be aware of some of the things that bosses from any culture would not be pleased to hear. In a post on Hong Kong Discussion Group, employees list some of the things they should never say to their boss, unless they want to get fired.

  1. Keep the boss waiting
  2. Employees should try their best not to keep the boss waiting, so when the boss approaches you never say “Can you please wait, I am really busy right now.”

  3. Failure is not an option
  4. The boss expects progress and results from employees. So even when things aren’t going well, employees should not respond with phrases such as “I have already tried that”; “I thought…”; “I don’t know”; or “It is impossible”.

    Instead of showing despair, try to stay positive, show the boss you are making progress and are willing and capable of overcoming the challenges on hand.

  5. Be a team player
  6. Even if something is not your fault, it is never a wise to highlight that point in front of your boss.
Saying things like “I have got nothing to do with this, it is XX’s fault”; “I cannot work with XX”; “XX is a jerk” or “This is not in my job description” will only make you look childish and incompetent.

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