Are these Hong Kong’s best employers of 2017?

Are these Hong Kong’s best employers of 2017?

Are these Hong Kong’s best employers of 2017?

If you’re looking to lower attrition rates and increase retention levels, there are five Hong Kong companies in particular you may want to look to for inspiration. According to the most recent Best Employers survey by Aon, these companies have taken employee engagement “to another level”, with better business as a result.

The successes have earned them a spot on this year’s list of Best Employers in Hong Kong. The top five companies are (listed alphabetically):

-AIA International Limited
-American Express International, Inc.
-DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
-DHL Express Hong Kong
-McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited

According to the survey, the top 5 employers boast 10% lower attrition and 5% higher retention levels than the market average. Moreover, employee engagement levels at these companies are at 78%, where the market average is 57%.

Mary Yu, head of talent solutions at Aon Hewitt Hong Kong, revealed that a continuous feedback, insight, and action loop is one of the keys to better employee engagement for these employers. Collecting the right data enables the companies’ leaders to “make better investment decisions on their talent, own the engagement of their teams, and deliver an extraordinary employee experience,” according to Yu.

While the companies have come out on top in the Best Employer survey, they’ll still have to work hard to attract young talent. In Universum’s recent list of companies Hong Kong graduates want to work for, none of them made the top 10.

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