Hong Kong Immigration Services – Right of Abode (HKPR) Application

Right of Abode in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Permanent Resident Application on right of Adobe

The Right of Abode in Hong Kong is the right to: 

  • Land in Hong Kong 
  • Stay in Hong Kong without restriction
  • Not to be deported from Hong Kong

These rights can only be exercised by a Hong Kong Permanent Resident(HKPR).

Eligibility for Applying for Right of Abode in Hong Kong

A person is eligible to apply for Right of Abode or Hong Kong Permanent Residency if he/she has ordinarily resided* in Hong Kong legally for a settled purpose for a continuous period of not less than seven years immediately before the Right of Abode application and has taken Hong Kong as his/her place of permanent residence.  The status does not change if he/she is temporarily absent from Hong Kong.

* Some persons will not be treated as ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for Right of Abode application such as domestic helpers, refugees, members of the consular etc

Counting on FastLane HR for Assistance in Right of Abode Applications

Applying for Right of Abode can be complex and time-consuming if you do not know exactly the documents and justifications you need to provide to meet the approval criteria by the Immigration Department.  It is always best to do it right the first time than trial and errors. FastLane HR has a team of experienced professionals familiar with the requirements and processes involved in Right of Abode application.  FastLane HR is the perfect partner for people who need assistance to apply for Right of Abode or Hong Kong Permanent Residency.

Full Services offered by FastLane HR to Facilitate Right of Abode Applications

  1. Understand your situation and needs 
  2. Assist and/or advise preparation of required documents
  3. Review documents provided by the applicant 
  4. Prepare declarations, application forms and support letters
  5. Submit application to the Immigration Department
  6. Follow-up and communicate with the Immigration Department and provide additional supporting documents when required
  7. Continuous communications with the applicant until receiving result from the Immigration Department
  8. Arrange payment of application fee and collection of visa
  9. Send the visa to the applicant

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