Hong Kong’s reputation as a business centre makes the city a highly desirable location for companies of all industries and sizes to do business. To further enhance Hong Kong’s attractiveness as a place to do business, the Hong Kong government has enacted various visa schemes that highlight the straightforward immigration policy and application processes.

However, while the process of applying for a Hong Kong visa has been frequently discussed, especially for Hong Kong work visas, the process of Hong Kong visa renewal has not been. In this article, we look to provide an introduction to what you need to know when starting the Hong Kong visa renewal process, especially for the highly popular work visa and dependent visa schemes.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Hong Kong Visa Renewal Eligibility Criteria
  2. Hong Kong Visa Renewal Application Processing Time
  3. Why You Should Appoint a Representative

1. Hong Kong Visa Renewal Eligibility Criteria

Typically, non-permanent Hong Kong residents (other than foreign domestic helpers, imported workers, Mainland residents who were admitted as students, entrants admitted under the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals, Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, Quality Migrant Admission Scheme and Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates, and their dependents) may apply for a Hong Kong visa extension. This application must be submitted within 4 weeks before the expiry of an applicant’s limit of stay.

Applications for Hong Kong work visa renewal, and even those for Hong Kong dependent visa renewal will be only considered when the Hong Kong Immigration Department is satisfied that the circumstances upon which an applicant acquired their current Hong Kong visa have not changed.

2. Hong Kong Visa Renewal Processing Time

Holders of a Hong Kong visa can apply for a visa renewal by filing an application at least four weeks before their visa expires. However, because there are various types of Hong Kong visas, the processing time for each visa renewal application will vary depending on what visa scheme an applicant is under.

For instance, General Employment Policy (“GEP”) visa’s are the most common Hong Kong work visa schemes utilized and routine visa renewal applications for this scheme will normally be finalised within two to three weeks upon receipt of all necessary documents. On the other hand, those applying for a Hong Kong dependent visa renewal will find that the process typically takes six weeks to process.

 3. You Should Appoint a Representative

A Hong Kong work visa renewal application should be submitted in person and the subsequent visa should likewise be collected in person. While many applicants have the understanding that standard practice will require the applicant to be locally present in Hong Kong during this time, this is not the case.

Applicants can actually authorise, in writing, a representative to submit their Hong Kong visa renewal application and present the supporting documents on their behalf!

Most importantly, if a Hong Kong visa application is rejected, subsequent applications will become increasingly difficult to obtain approval for. In other words, the highest chance of having a successful application is during the initial submission. Therefore, engaging a professional service provider to act as your representative for work visa processes can greatly increase the likelihood that an application is approved!

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