FAQ – General

Fastlane HR is experienced in offering comprehensive HR and administrative services.  Our cloud-based HR platforms support integrated services covering human resources, payroll, talent and time management and more.  With such, you can benefit from the comprehensive, robust and yet simple and intuitive access to your information. We are also a leader in payroll outsourcing.  We are proud to have transformed payroll from a back-office function to a vital business advantage for enterprises all over the world.

Payroll involves much more than paying your employees. It requires preparing IR56 reports as required by the Immigration Department, calculating and processing MPF contributions as required by the Mandatory Provident Fund Authority. Ensuring compliance through the process is also equally important. Payroll can be done in-house or outsourced to a reputable service provider such as Fastlane HR.

Fastlane HR offers you reliable payroll solutions and peace of mind as your staff are relieved of the strain of manual operations. Thanks to our professional staff and cloud-based payroll systems, we will save you the tedious effort in data input / processing and regulatory compliance.  Also, to protect your sensitive information, data security is our top priority.

We provide full HR solutions and services to help companies of all sizes simplify, consolidate and expedite their HR processes. Using our cloud-based HR solutions, you can easily manage your payroll, HR administration and talent acquisition functions.  You can also make insightful and informed decision from your own data.  With our all-in-one dashboard, you can see trends, uncover patterns, make better strategic plans and facilitate more productive collaboration among teams.

At Fastlane HR, we understand every organisation has its unique HR needs.  We will always customize our payroll and HR services to tailor for your budget and demands.  Besides, our payroll and compliance specialists also provide regular updates on the impact of new compliance rules as part of our standard support.

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