FAQ – Work Visa

An initial stay of 24 months upon entry.  You may apply to extend within 4 weeks before expiry.  With subsequent successful extensions, you will normally be permitted to stay on a 3-3 years pattern. It depends on the employment condition or the employment contract duration (whichever is shorter).  

You may opt for assessment under the top-tier employment stream after working for two years.  You must then have an assessable income of HK$2 million for salaries tax in the previous tax year.  In such case, you will normally be granted an extension for a period of 6 years.

Yes, you may apply (in your visa application or subsequently) to bring in your spouse or lawful domestic partner (same-sex or opposite-sex) and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong.  Some restrictions on applicant’s nationality apply.

Yes, they can study and take up employment in Hong Kong without any need for prior approval.

Under the General Employment Policy, any career change should be approved by the Director of Immigration. Top-tier professionals staying on a time restriction solely without additional terms of stay need only notify the Immigration Department in writing.

  • No security objection or known record of serious crime
  • Good education background, normally a first degree in relevant field.  In special circumstances, good technical qualifications, relevant experience and achievements may do.
  • A confirmed offer of employment relevant to academic qualifications or work experience
  • A genuine job vacancy that cannot be readily filled up locally
  • A remuneration package comparable to the Hong Kong labour market

It may normally take the Immigration Department four to eight weeks to process an application.

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