FAQ – Staff Secondment

You may need to take on new staff to establish a business here for the first time.  Or, hiring is a critical immediate step for you to secure business growth and market share sustainability.  Regardless, our Staff Secondment Services can dramatically ease your administrative workload and accelerate getting the right talents on board.  It is especially helpful for start-ups and small & medium enterprises with limited administrative resources and a dynamic workforce.  Besides hiring, we also handle all HR administrative functions such as payroll, MPF, taxation, work visa and employment compensation.

We are experienced in services related to Professional Employer Organization (PEO) / Employer of Record (EOR).  On your behalf, we can perform all recruitment procedure and quickly get talents hired / seconded to work for you.  You can greatly from benefit from the tremendous savings in administrative overhead and timely availability of needed manpower.  This is particularly important to start-ups or newly landed overseas enterprises.  They may not be familiar with the employment, immigration and tax regulations there.  We can take of all tedious works regarding work visa, payroll, mandatory provident fund, tax, employee compensation, compliance and more.

The advantage is even more apparent when hiring overseas talents where the benchmark set for the hiring organisation by the immigration authority often poses a challenge.  As an experienced PEO/EOR, we can drastically shorten the waiting time needed to get your right talents landed.

We will be the legal employer (the employer of record).   You will retain full control over the employees in discharging their job duties (the executive).

You are responsible for every aspect related to your business operations to which the employees are fully dedicated.  These include your brand, work assignment, quality review, performance appraisal and training.  We will handle all HR administrative work in relation to the employees, such as payroll, taxes and benefits.

It normally takes 5 to 30 days to complete the process.  That involves multiple tasks such as collection and verifications of data forms for the new hire, onboarding procedures and enrolment to benefits of choice.


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