Executive Search and Recruitment

Recruit the Right People is a Key to Your Business Success

Adequacy and quality of manpower is vital to any business.  Our executive search and recruitment services can help you hire any specific roles or strengthen your workforce to facilitate your business growth. Being able to acquire the right talents will play a decisive role in your success.

Finding the Right People through Executive Search  

At FastLane HR, our executive search and recruitment team look after your every need to help you bring the right talents on board.  Just count on our experience and labour market insight and let us lead you through a successful and worry-free talent acquisition journey!

Reaching out for Suitable Candidates

  • Talk to you to understand your specific needs and requirements
  • Prepare job requirements and specifications
  • Arrange for job advertisement and posting with our connection of quality network and platforms
Executive Search and Recruitment selecting the best candidate

Selecting the Best Candidates

  • Review applications
  • Arrange and facilitate in interviews
  • Assess suitability of candidates
  • Offer professional advice
  • Carry out employment reference check
Executive Search and Recruitment onboarding the candidate

Get the Right Candidates on Board

  • Apply for work visa
  • Follow up with immigration authority
  • Prepare employment contract
  • Arrange for Payroll, MPF, employee compensation and insurance and all onboarding formalities
Executive Search and Recruitment without borders

Recruitment of the Best Talents for Your Business NOT LIMITED by Borders?

The Expat Community is one major focus at FastLane HR.  Our executive search and recruitment team have a lot of proven success in bringing in top-notch employees from beyond borders to businesses in Hong Kong.  For new or recently landed businesses desiring minimal setup but almost immediate availability of manpower, we also offer the best flexibility with our full services on Staff Secondment, Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR)

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