What is an employers’ return?

  • Employers’ return is the form that includes employees’ remuneration and pensions, or other data relevant to income tax
  • It should be submitted every year to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
  • Employers should submit Form BIR56A , Form IR56B and Form IR56M together for the employers’ return

Employers’ obligation

Employers should fulfill these obligation when running a business

  • Keep payroll record of their employees
  • Accurately report compensation and pensions paid to an employee

How to complete the submission of the employers’ return?

Obtaining the form
  • Employers will normally get the Form BIR56A on the first working day of April each year
  • If employers cannot receive the form or have lost or damaged the form, they should complete the Form IR6163
  • After completing the Form IR6163, employers should fax or mail the form to IRD
Completing the form

Employers should carefully follow the instructions for Form BIR56A and Form IR56B from the HKSAR government. Please note that employers do not need to complete and submit IR56B if they have submitted IR56F or IR56G.

Submitting the form

The time of submission depends on the type of form.


IR6036B, IR56M (together with BIR56A)

Within 1 month after the IRD issues BIR56A


Within 3 months since an employee started being employed


1 month before the end of the employment of an employee


At least 1 month before the expected leaving date of an employee

How to submit the documents?

Now, an authorized signer can sign and submit the employers’ return through The Employer’s Return e-Filing Services. There are two ways of submission.

  • Online: Taxpayers should log in to the eTax account and submit the Employers’ return
  • Mixed: Taxpayers do not need to log in to the eTax account. However, they need to sign and submit the 1-page control list as to complete the submission process
Extension of submission time

For application of extension, employers should include the following items:

  • Employer’s file number
  • The company name
  • The year of assessment
  • The additional time that the employers need
  • The details of the reasons
Amendments or Supplements

Employers can ready a new additional, replacement, or supplementary form. They can also write a notification of amendment.

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