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    Asia has always been a lucrative destination from a commercial point of view, despite its vast complexities and regional variances. For HR leaders as well, Asia offers a number of experiences and opportunities for growth and experimentation. Recognising this, we find many are keen on ‘ticking’ Asia off their checklist of the world’s best regions to work in. And why not? With the evolution in the function, the HR space in Asia is abuzz with different challenges. Let’s hear it
  • Pros and Cons of Pay Transparency
    Though pay transparency has been found to boost employer-employee relationships, bosses in the advertising and marketing fields felt that an open pay policy would decrease staff morale. According to new research from The Creative Group, 82% of the 400 creative executives interviewed, revealed that their organisation refrains from publicising staff compensation; of these respondents, 61% felt that pay transparency would decrease staff morale. Nevertheless, the research also noted that there is an upside to embracing such a policy, with top
  • How Ramadan may boost staff productivity and well-being
    A recent research by UK-based Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC) found that changing work models are becoming more hospitable to the Ramadan work schedule. Rather than worry about the negative effects on business, business leaders should instead focus on improving well-being, increasing engagement and embracing flexible work patterns during the Islamic holy month. According to the press release, more vacation time can improve performance and well-being. In fact, it shared that an internal study in 2006 by accounting firm Ernst &
  • Sick days: how many is too many?
    Sick days: how many is too many? For employees who are running out of annual leave, today is perhaps one of the best days of the year to call in sick. Thanks to the public holiday tomorrow, calling in sick today will get them four consecutive days off. Recently, a netizen shared in an online post that he took four to six sick days a year and was told by his supervisor this would negatively impact his appraisal. The supervisor
  • Wage Practices 2016
    In light of the tougher business conditions in 2016, and with a majority of firms having a flexible wage system which adjust wages according to business conditions, fewer employees received wage increases last year as compared to 2015, found the “Report on Wage Practices 2016” released by the Manpower Research and Statistics Department, Ministry of Manpower (MOM). According to MOM’s report, between the last two years, the proportion of employees who received total wage increase also declined from 77% in