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    Nearly 20% increase in mental health claims from expats in APAC Aetna International has just released its latest Expatriate mental health: Breaking the silence and ending the stigma study (26 June) which reported mental health a growing issue for expats; workers and their employers, as well as those relocating independently. A survey of 5000 Aetna International members in 2016 revealed that that 6% of expats are concerned about mental health issues before relocating. The findings also suggest that since most
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    What Hong Kong salarymen can learn from Li Ka Shing Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka Shing, will step down next year as the chairman of CK Hutchison Holdings. Superman Li has yet to confirm the details of his retirement, but it is never too late to learn from the great ones. The team at TOPick compiled a list of five personal habits of Li that have driven his success. Some might not
  • 11 reasons to reject a candidate based on social media
    11 reasons to reject a candidate based on social media Before hiring a candidate (or even calling them in for an interview) do you check their social media accounts? According to a survey on more than 2,300 hiring managers and HR professionals conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring – up from 60% last year and 11% in 2006. Employers aren’t just looking at social media – 69%
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    How expensive is international education in Asia Pacific? When relocating to another country with their families, besides considering their potential salaries, as well as the cost of the living of their city of relocation, expats also have to consider the cost of education, either for themselves, or for their children – which can be quite expensive at times. Based on ExpatFinder International School Fee Survey 2017, China leads the rankings as the most expensive country in Asia Pacific, and third
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    The complex landscape of global employee mobility continues to evolve. This year, the industry has seen some new concepts emerge, even as some topics considered quite “cutting edge” just a few years ago are now popular trends. It is an exciting time for mobility professionals, with added political, economic, security, and regulatory complexities. Meanwhile, many are experiencing the benefits of new technology and stronger global collaboration. While it is impossible to predict what will happen, Crown World Mobility advises practitioners
  • Hong Kong's great workplaces of 2017
    Hong Kong’s great workplaces of 2017 – FastLane HR In the year of its 20th anniversary, Hong Kong SAR is celebrating by having more Great Workplaces than in 2016. These companies are showing the way for the rest and setting the pace in order to face the ever-growing complexity of today’s business environment. Hong Kong employers are making progress toward the goal presented last year by Great Place to Work, in which we encouraged the evolution of all kinds of