• From IT departments to legal departments to human resources (HR) departments, the trend of outsourcing specialised talent is gaining traction across the global business environment. Along with other benefits, outsourcing specific tasks to specialised experts can free up your employee’s time to focus on streamlining activities that affect the business’s bottom line.   While we know HR to be the backbone of any successful business, it also happens to be one of the most time-consuming and cost-draining functions. From employee
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    Professional Employer Organization (PEO) VS Employer Of Record (EOR) Tapping into international talent is the key to success in an ever-evolving business landscape. Companies with a global workforce benefit from increased diversity and cultural competence as well as enhanced combined skills and experience, all of which can be used as a strategic edge against competitors. However, international recruitment isn’t so simple, and hiring across borders requires businesses to comply with a range of local and global employment laws. More often
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    Work Visa Requirements: How To Obtain A Work Permit in Hong Kong Hong Kong offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, ethnic diversity, and economic success. It’s also one of Asia’s most dynamic cities, so it isn’t surprising that the idea of living and working in Hong Kong appeals to many professionals from around the world. Moreover, the city’s government has been working hard to attract more foreign investment and create new jobs. In fact, it has been ranked as
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    If you are a business owner operating in and out of Hong Kong, it is essential that you learn what Form IR56E is, and why it must be filed. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) requires that all incorporated businesses prepare and submit a Form IR56E anytime they hire a new employee to join their company or firm. Form IR56E is an employer-obligated form that must be completed and submitted within a particular time frame to avoid penalty. The Inland Revenue
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    What Is Payroll Accounting? If you are running a business in Hong Kong, you need an effective accounting system. One of the hallmarks of a business accounting solution is payroll account. With payroll accounting, you can ensure that every member of your team is paid properly and on time. Not only can you ensure that your team members are being paid the amount they are due each pay period, but a payroll accounting system or team will also make sure
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    Implemented on July 13, 2007, the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance is a set of legal guidelines that determine a specific employee’s statutory entitlements in Hong Kong. The name 713 Ordinance comes from the date the ordinance came into effect – July 13, 2007. The ordinance covers eight key statutory entitlements for employees that ensure they are compensated properly for their work across a variety of circumstances. In this article, we will break down the 713 Ordinance, and how you can ensure