• Why need to Implement a Cloud-Based Payroll System?
    4 Benefits Of Implementing A Cloud-Based Payroll System   When it comes to your business or organization, success and future growth rises and falls with your employees. For employees to work at their most effective, they need to trust that they will be paid well and paid on time. If your payroll system is buckling under the weight of slow, manual processes, you may be risking far more than paying your team members late. As businesses continue to adapt to
  • What You Need To Know About Hong Kong Paternity Leave
    What You Need To Know About Hong Kong Paternity Leave   For men living in Hong Kong, it is essential to understand the rights and privileges that you have for taking paternity leave to help care for and provide for your new child and family during the early days of childbirth. However, Hong Kong paternity leave policy can be confusing and complicated. As such, it is vital that you understand the rules and are able to communicate clearly with your
  • Guide to Hong Kong Visa Renewal
    Guide to Hong Kong Visa Renewal   Hong Kong’s reputation as a business centre makes the city a highly desirable location for companies of all industries and sizes to do business. To further enhance Hong Kong’s attractiveness as a place to do business, the Hong Kong government has enacted various visa schemes that highlights the straightforward immigraiton policy and application processes. However, while the process of applying for a Hong Kong visa has been frequently discussed, especially for Hong Kong
  • What you need to know about Employer Returns - IR56F and IR56G
      Once a Hong Kong company has hired an employee, the employer must adhere to various reporting obligations, specifically the filing of Hong Kong Employer Returns. While IR56B is among the most frequently mentioned Employer Returns that one has to complete, IR56F and IR56G are often required. IR56F and IR56G are specifically used in instances when an employee ceases their employment with a Hong Kong employer (IR56F) and instances where an employee has ceased employment and will leave Hong Kong
  • IR56B
    A Hong Kong company must adhere to various employer obligations the moment they hire an employee. As many Hong Kong businesses will actually have their management run and operate their company from outside the city, it’s not always clear what their Hong Kong employer obligations are. While it’s commonly recognised that Hong Kong employers are required to maintain proper records of their employee’s wage and employment history, it is not always clear how this information is used. Of all these
  • What You Need to Know About Hong Kong’s Working Visa Form ID990A and Form ID990B
    In order for a business to succeed, it must recruit the best individuals. However, in many circumstances these individuals can only be recruited from abroad. While identifying these individuals is not the only challenging part of this process, successfully obtaining a Hong Kong working visa for them is. Those who are looking to obtain a Hong Kong working visa often don’t know where to start. In this article, we look to outline what Forms ID990A and Form ID990B are, how