• What You Need to Know About Employer Returns – IR56F and IR56G   Once a Hong Kong company has hired an employee, the employer must adhere to various reporting obligations, specifically the filing of Hong Kong Employer Returns. While IR56B is among the most frequently mentioned Employer Returns that one has to complete, IR56F and IR56G are often required. IR56F and IR56G are specifically used in instances when an employee ceases their employment with a Hong Kong employer (IR56F) and
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    A Hong Kong company must adhere to various employer obligations the moment they hire an employee. As many Hong Kong businesses will actually have their management run and operate their company from outside the city, it’s not always clear what their Hong Kong employer obligations are. While it’s commonly recognised that Hong Kong employers are required to maintain proper records of their employee’s wage and employment history, it is not always clear how this information is used. Of all these
  • In order for a business to succeed, it must recruit the best individuals. However, in many circumstances these individuals can only be recruited from abroad. While identifying these individuals is not the only challenging part of this process, successfully obtaining a Hong Kong working visa for them is. Those who are looking to obtain a Hong Kong working visa often don’t know where to start. In this article, we look to outline what Forms ID990A and Form ID990B are, how
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    Guide to Payroll Services   No matter how big a company is, its business owners must be able to properly manage their company’s payroll obligations. These obligations do not only mean that they must ensure their employees’ wages are accurately calculated and issued, but also ensure that all processes are completed in compliance with Hong Kong’s various employment regulations. Unfortunately, small business owners and entrepreneurs may not be able to dedicate the time and resources to make sure these tasks
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    Working in Hong Kong has always been an attractive prospect for professionals – the city has numerous professional opportunities and is consistently recognised as a major international economic hub. While there are many factors that facilitate Hong Kong’s popularity, a key attribute is Hong Kong’s straight forward immigration policy and application processes. In this article, we look to provide an introductory guide to acquiring a Hong Kong work visa.   What You Will Learn: The different types of Hong Kong
  • 28 August 2020 Fri in All markets by Aditi Sharma Kalra COVID-19 impact: Suntec Singapore retrenches 85 roles, including HR, finance and sales a As a result of COVID-19’s severe impact to the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions), which led to all events being suspended since April 2020, Suntec Singapore Convention Exhibition Centre (Suntec Singapore) has had to let go of 85 roles. a This workforce rationalisation plan was announced by Suntec Singapore and Building Construction And Timber Industries Employees’