• 12/09/2019 Thu 11:22 in Hong Kong by Samantha Chan Are you earning more than your peers? The Hong Kong workforce (excluding domestic helpers) earned a median monthly income of HK$18,700 across all jobs, HK$300 less than the preceding quarter, according to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department’s latest quarterly report on General Household Survey.   Overall, there was a surge in the size of the labour force, from last year’s 3,969.4 million to 3,985 million. The median monthly household income was HK$28,500, HK$500 less than the
  • 05/09/2019 Thu 08:42 by Robert Blain Eight ways to improve company culture An organisation’s culture is an increasingly hot topic. With a dynamic workforce that is regularly changing jobs – and even careers – there is an expectation that those new to a company need to feel that it’s more than a place to simply show up and do their job. There is a growing expectation that our workplace should give us a sense of belonging. With this in mind, here are
  • 30/08/2019 Fri 11:04 in All markets by Samantha Chan Google to axe its recruiting tool Google Hire in 2020 Google has announced it’s shutting down two-year-old Google Hire — a G Suite tool built for recruiters at small and mid-sized companies — on 1 September 2020  as the tech giant decides to invest more in other products in the Google Cloud portfolio. No more new features will be added to the platform, but existing users can keep on using the tool until the
  • 23/08/2019 Fri 10:22 in All markets by Robert Blain Is it time to let top talent work remotely? It’s an appealing scenario. The opportunity to work anywhere, anytime. Escaping the confines of the office to work in a much more inspiring location. But surely that’s affording too much freedom, even for your organisation’s best and brightest? Not necessarily. The data is in – and it is emphatically suggesting that remote work is increasing. A 2017 Gallup poll revealed that 43% of employees had spent at least
  • 19/08/2019 Mon 10:25 in All markets by Robert Blain Dos and don’ts for HR when issuing a formal warning   It’s one of the more onerous jobs of an HR professional. Nobody likes giving a formal warning letter. But in every people manager’s career – when handling an underperforming employee – there will most likely be times that it’s necessary to issue one. One unscrupulous employer known to Human Resources has, on at least one occasion, used a formal warning letter to shame an employee
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    12/08/2019 Mon 09:52 in All markets by Robert Blain Top 10 most challenging interview questions to ask a candidate   So you’ve been through a pile of CVs and whittled it down to a handful of candidates. They all seem impressive on paper, but how do you identify the true talent – the individual who is the best fit for your organisation? How do you sort the wheat from the chaff? A good interviewing technique is crucial in Hong Kong’s competitive job market.