• 03 July 2020 Fri in All markets by Jerene Ang 70% of Malaysians believe tech will change their jobs in 3 to 5 years With technology developing at an accelerated pace in recent years, the digital world has always been upon us. Many organisations have begun adopting technology long before the COVID-19 crisis hit. As the pandemic forces organisations to speed up their adoption of technology, the key question is: Are Malaysians ready to face this new digital world? According
  • 26 June 2020 Fri in All markets by Priya Sunil COVID-19: One-third of staff surveyed in Malaysia faced a pay cut of more than 30% What is the effects of COVID-19? With COVID-19 impacting businesses in one way or another, employees have no doubt had their own lifestyle impacted – be it through salary reductions, job losses, temporary layoffs, and more. In fact, in Malaysia, a recent survey by JobStreet revealed that close to half of the respondents (48%) have
  • 23 June 2020 Tue in All markets by Priya Sunil SEA COVID-19 updates: Unemployment in Indonesia, Malaysia’s event guidelines, and more   Indonesia: Unemployment could worsen and enter 2021 Indonesia’s current unemployment rate is expected to worsen and continue into 2021, the government announced yesterday (22 June). This comes as the nation prepares itself for further impacts of COVID-19, on its economy. – In a report by The Jakarta Post, Suharso Monoarfa, Minister for National Development Planning, said about 5.5mn people
  • Office
    How coronavirus has shaped the way we work The last few months have seen an increased focus on the concept of working from home (“WFH”). Unfortunately, WFH requires companies to have the internal resources to support such arrangements. To further explore the concept of WFH, FastLane has partnered with Wantedly and Votee to survey over 200 Hong Kong individuals to examine how Coronavirus has shaped the way Hong Kong SMEs work and how well Hong Kong employees are adapting to WFH arrangements.   1.
  • Things You Need to Know About How To File a Hong Kong Employers Return Previously, we introduced strategies for employers to fix their employee satisfaction in Hong Kong. In addition, when running a business, Hong Kong employers must constantly be aware of their various reporting obligations. Their obligations extend past disclosing their financial statements as Hong Kong employers must also disclose information regarding their employees in the form of an Employer’s Return. But what is an Employer’s Return? What is a BIR56A and Form IR56B? In
  • How to attract and retain millennial employees to work in a young SME company? 1. Who exactly is a millennial employee? Millennial employees make up the largest generation within the current workforce at 56 million as of 2016, beating Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers. Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is regarded as a millennial. Millennials are victims of many negative stereotypes, such as being complacent, or lazy. However, they are highly sought after by employees for their passion, diversity and