• 01/08/2019 Thu 11:06 in All markets by Aditi Sharma Kalra 7 ways to make the HR function more agile Data from a new survey of 850 HR decision makers globally shows that: Less than half of HR directors (44%) report their data is integrated for realtime reporting and analysis. Only 10% believe they have complete integration of data, and 44% feel strongly that they lack this. 45% believe data in their systems in contradictory, and only 6% disagree with this. Only a third
  • 26/07/2019 Fri 11:00 in All markets by Priya Sunil Working on holiday? You’re not alone, 62% of Indian employees do so A recent study by Snow Software has revealed that employees in Asia Pacific (APAC) find it most difficult to disconnect from their jobs while on holiday, compared to those from the US and UK. In fact, amongst the 3,000 employees surveyed globally, more than one-third of those in APAC (37%) said they always took their work devices on vacation. More specifically, the percentage of employees
  • 19/07/2019 Fri 10:28 in All markets by Robert Blain Is it a good idea to serve alcohol in the office? We all know the scenario. It’s 5pm on a Friday and you and your colleagues have had a productive week in the office. The team’s hitting its budget and meeting deadlines. What better way to celebrate and do a little team bonding than sharing a glass of your favourite wine or beer? But is it actually a good idea? Far be it for
  • 11/07/2019 Thu 10:38 in Hong Kong by Samantha Chan How long is too long to sit on a job offer? There are countless career websites or mentors urging candidates to take some time to review a job offer before accepting it. It turns out mulling over a job offer for too long can burn bridges. More than half of the 225 Hong Kong bosses surveyed have withdrawn a job offer because a candidate took too long to consider the offer. So, what is an acceptable range
  • 05/07/2019 Fri 11:12 in All markets by Contributor The three key qualities required for digital leadership What are the leadership qualities so needed today to truly align with the new workforce of tomorrow? Francis Goh, CEO, HehSed Consulting, clarifies. In this age of disruption, the environment has significantly changed, resulting in change as a constant. How have the dynamics in people and talent management evolved and what are the qualities in leadership needed today to truly align with the new workforce of tomorrow? The
  • 28/06/2019 Fri 10:30 in All markets by Aditi Sharma Kalra Out with the long working hours Photo / 123RF This article was first published in Human Resources and is reproduced with permission. Original article can be found at