• One stop solution for payroll and HR needs

    One stop solution for payroll and HR needs

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Payroll Processing, MPF Contribution Calculation

  • Payroll executive reporting
  • Use of autopay to pay every employee
  • Calculate all necessary employee and employer MPF contributions

MPF Administration

  • Authority to act as the authorised signatory
  • Compile a monthly executive summary
  • Provide a monthly MPF remittance statement
    for the MPF trustee

Visa Application

  • Work Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Visas for dependents

One stop solution for payroll processing and human resources outsourcing services

HR Support

  • Creation of company-specific HR manuals
  • Continuous updates for compliance with Hong Kong statutory employment requirements
  • Full record keeping of leave and illness
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    I am reaching out to give sincere thanks to you and your experienced staff for somehow making the visa process amazingly simple.

    As the process moved forward, FastLane HR gave easy to follow steps for completing each task. It was surprisingly simple and I never had any doubt we would receive our visas because of your professionalism in handling the manner.

    Thank you once more for allowing me to do my work . I truly appreciate the successful work performed by FastLane HR.

    David Prior
    Better English HK Language Centre
    Hong Kong

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    FastLane has consistently provided a first-rate service. They are responsive and extremely helpful. I strongly recommend them.

    Rosie Thomason, Head of Finance
    Arcadia Consulting Limited

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    Working with FastLane HR has been a wonderful experience. They are very customer centric, responsive and very strong at regulatory compliance. I would recommend them to my friends and clients.

    CK Lee, CFO/MD
    LimeTree Capital Advisors Limited

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    In May 2017 I decided to open my own company in Hong Kong, knowing that it would be very difficult to obtain an investment visa especially I needed it in two months. I went through companies offering visa services and after discussions and quotations, FastLane HR seemed to be the most professional and attractive company to help me in this difficult task. From the very beginning, FastLane HR has been very focused and has walked me through every step of the process to make things easier, understandable and successful. I received my investment visa two months later. I can easily say that I’m very satisfied with the service offered by FastLane HR and would recommend their support without hesitation!

    Marine Mérindol, CEO
    M Creative Culture Limited

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    FastLane HR is handy and efficient, they take good care of our payroll and admin duties, and they are able to provide the appropriate HR advice if needed. Highly recommended.

    Alex Kot, Director
    Space Is Limited

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What do I need to do as an employer with regards to my tax obligations?

A. Keep comprehensive payroll records for every employee, for at least 7 years. If you are having any problems with payroll processing and require professional services, contact FastLane HR.

B. Report the remuneration paid to each employee, including: housing allowance, travel expense, training reimbursements, etc.

For further details, please refer to the Inland Revenue Department.

Is there statutory reporting of submission required for all new employees?

Yes, there is. You must file one copy of IR56E within 3 months of the commencement of employment, if you anticipate that the employee is likely to be charged salaries tax. The threshold for this is currently an annual income of $120,000. If you have any queries regarding payroll processing, contact FastLane HR. As a reputable HR firm, we will provide the answers you seek and can even take care of your human resources needs if you outsource it to us.

What is the statutory reporting of submission required for a terminated employee?

You must file one copy of IR56F one month before the date of termination of their employment. Alternatively, you can file one copy of IR56G in the case of an employee leaving Hong Kong with no plans to return. For further details, please contact FastLane HR about our human resources outsourcing services, or refer to the Inland Revenue Department.

Can you tell me what MPF is?

The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) is a compulsory pension fund designed by the Hong Kong government as a means of income protection for retired residents. Most employees and their employers are required to make monthly contributions.

What are the mandatory MPF contribution amounts that I must pay?

Employees and employers are both required to make regular mandatory contributions at a rate of 5% of the employee’s income. This amount is subject to the minimum and maximum relevant income levels. For an employee who is paid on a monthly basis, the minimum is $7,100 and the maximum is $30,000. Should the monthly income be less than $7,100, then only the employer needs to make a 5% contribution. For monthly income in excess of $30,000, the contribution paid by both the employee and employer will be fixed at $1,500 regardless of the amount.

For further details, please contact FastLane HR about our professional payroll processing services, or refer to the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority.