21/06/2018 Thu 10:00 in All markets by Bridgette Hall

If you’re a manager with a lot on your plate you might be neglecting your employees according to a new study by the Academy of management. The research showed that when a boss is overworked their employees needs drop to the bottom of their priority list.

In fact, across three studies done by the academy, the results showed that the more a manager’s workload increases they will prioritise what’s best for the company at the expense of overlooking fairness towards employees. Often bosses tend to forget their principles when under pressure. The research gives these tips for dealing with employees so that you remain fair and principled when you’re feeling swamped.

  •  Make sure to dedicate time to your employees so that they feel heard.

  • No matter how busy you are, treat your employees with dignity and respect.

  • Make decisions that apply consistently to everyone.

  • Explain the logic and rationale to employees behind difficult decisions.

  • Acknowledge all your employees’ contributions no matter how busy you are.

The same research also showed that managers who work in environments that reward and recognise fair management the company will start to value it too. Google is famed for its perks, lunches and time for employees to work on their own projects. It also has a Great Manager award given to managers who consistently express interest and concern for their employees’ continued success.

Ultimately, when you work in an environment that sees happy employees as a core leadership task, then management will reflect this.

This article was first published in Human Resources and is reproduced with permission. Original article can be found at  http://www.humanresourcesonline.net/5-tips-to-be-a-fair-manager/