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10 catchphrases of a good leader


Many leaders in a company are capable and skilled themselves but not all of them can be the person others want to follow. Fortunately, leadership can be nurtured and developed. Big things almost always start small. Economic Digest has summarized 10 phrases of a good leader:
1. “Allow me to step in.”
Taking the responsibility and being the safety net of your team motivates them to work more quickly and be more daring.
2. “I have no idea.”
Even one of the world’s wisest men, ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, admitted that he knew nothing. Pretending you know everything will put you in a bad light. Nobody likes a know-it-all who thinks he or she is better than everyone else. On the other hand, admitting that you don’t know everything can show you are humble and honest, which can motivate your team to work out the best solutions together.
3. “What do you think?”
Transparency and open-mindedness makes teammates feel respected and validated, which can lead to better collaboration and higher performance.
4. “Let me tell a story…”
Instead of pointing out their mistakes, tell employees about a similar personal situation so they can learn their lesson without feeling publicly exposed and humiliated.
5. “Let me teach you.”
Be a selfless leader that ardently hopes for the best for your teammates. Precise and sincere feedback helps, and the teammates will be forever grateful to you.
6. “No biggies.”
Encourage your team to learn from their mistakes by allowing them to make one. How a team defines success and failure determines its long-term achievement .
7. “What did you learn from me/yourself?”
Reflection is key to success. Build the credibility you need to fit in with your teammates. Consider yourself a student rather than an authority figure.
8. “Why?”
Contemplating how things happen or whether the result aligns to the goal can get you and your team closer to the ultimate target.
9. “Who am I?”
Reflecting on your duty and your position is always important. There will be occasions that you might need to lead a team of people who are brighter than you. It is intimidating but turning into a controlling micromanager can never help. Remember your role as a leader is to manage and support people.
10. “Who should I be?”
Create a “caricature” of yourself and strive to be that person you want to be. While you are chasing your better self, your team is very likely to notice and supports that ambition as well.

This article was first published in Human Resources and is reproduced with permission. 
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