• DESCRIPTION Come join us for another HR Tech Clinic on 13 June, Wednesday! CEO Gordon Ng will show you the basics of HR housekeeping and give you valuable tips to using the Profiles, Payroll, and Leave apps easily. You’ll learn how to: onboard employees run payroll calculate MPF and tax contributions apply for, review, and manage your company’s leave customise leave settings For those familiar with the platform, we’ll be explaining our newest features and answering your questions. Feel free
  • From left to right: Natalie Fong (Wesurance), Gordon Ng (Talenox) and Cindy Chui (FastLane HR) Cindy from FastLane HR is talking about  “Statutory Leave, MPF requirement, Work Visa applications and Employment Issues in Hong Kong”
  • 05/04/2018 Thu 11:10 in All markets by Aditi Sharma Kalra Managers, how many hours a day do you spend on admin tasks? In a US-based survey of 500 managers, it was found a majority of them (36%) spend in the range of 3-4 hours per day on administrative tasks, such as responding to emails and submitting expense claims. Conducted by West Monroe, a close second was the range of 1-2 hours per day, cited by 34% of managers. More than
  • 16/03/2018 Fri 11:25 in All markets by Jerene Ang What HR needs to do to prepare staff for the future of work On the back of its global research, Dell Technologies yesterday explored technology’s implications on the workforce in a two fireside chats involving visionaries and experts. The dialogue, Realising the Future of Work: A Divided Vision, sparked discussion on the changing relationship between technology and people, emerging technologies’ impact on society, and how business leaders plan to succeed over
  • Offices and professional relationships can be a tricky thing to navigate. Sometimes you just want to be brutally honest but well let’s face it that would make thing extremely awkward. Reader’s Digest compiled this list of all the truths your office colleagues wish they could say and if you can’t how they get around it dropping some not so subtle hints. 1. “Do you want a mint?” Truth: A not so subtle hint that you need to do something about your
  • 10 types of nightmare candidates The peak season to switch jobs is here and the recruitment department is stressed out by having to meet with a huge number of job seekers every day. Adding to the stress are weird behaviours from candidates, such as eating and singing during the interview. In a blog post, human resources blogger “Bitter HR” shared the worst things he has ever seen candidates do at a job interview. 1. The runaway candidate The candidate left