•   13/07/2018 Fri 10:00 in All markets by Anthony Wong Three trends HR teams must know about employer branding in 2018 This year’s Employer Branding Now report by Universum Global reveals more companies realise the importance of aligning their employer value proposition (EVP) with the companies’ mission and vision, core values and HR/talent strategy. Companies, regardless of their size have shifted focus to ‘inspiring purpose’ and ‘innovation’ in their EVP as part of their employer branding strategy. As the war
  • 10/07/2018 Tue 09:41 in All markets by Tracy Chan The most troublesome candidates A high turnover rate is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. This means HR professionals are constantly busy arranging countless interviews to fill vacancies for the company. Workloads for HR teams can be overwhelming when dealing with inconsiderate applicants who require constant attention. A recent post on Heawork listed out eight of the most troublesome behaviours of candidates. HR professionals encountering any of these candidates
  • 06/07/2018 Fri 11:23 in All markets by Nabilah Ismail Philanthropy and businesses can go hand-in-hand, data finds According to a study by National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), 64% of the companies that align themselves with philanthropy and volunteerism (i.e. corporate giving) have found ways to integrate giving into core business functions. The findings are from the Corporate Giving Survey (CGS) 2017, is a national study conducted by Singapore-based NVPC that examines philanthropy, volunteerism and other ways of giving among
  • 06/07/2018 Fri 09:43 in All markets by Bridgette Hall Why managers are a company’s secret weapon in driving culture Managers are powerful agents for driving strong corporate culture in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific (APAC), according to PERSOLKELLY’s latest APAC Workforce Insights report. According to the data, 61% of Hong Kong respondents compared to 57% in APAC agreed that workers favour their manager’s personal values over the broader values of their organisation when choosing whether to stay or seek opportunities
  • 04/07/2018 Wed 09:43 in All markets by Bridgette Hall Five tips to write the perfect job description It’s clear that there is a war for talent and HR need to be on their A game in attracting the best in the market. One of the ways to do that is the often overlooked job description. HR and hiring managers often focus on compensation and benefits, employee engagement and company culture. However, your first point of call in attracting the best
  • 27/06/2018 Wed 09:56 in All markets by Bridgette Hall The drivers and consequences of the rapidly evolving modern office Flexible workspaces will be what attracts talent, energises districts and drives efficiency as the workforce as we know it evolves before our very eyes. Recent changes in workspace design are profound and probably irreversible. In a panel discussion at the Urban land institute’s ULI Asia Pacific Summit this month business leaders, real estate developers and brokers discussed the drivers and consequences